Team Manager Duties


  • Attend TIPPCO Managers’ Meeting.
  • Confirm that all players have a uniform. Refer any who do not to the Soccer Shack immediately.
  • Collect any new players’ birth certificate copies and forward on to the Registrar.
  • Collect/confirm data from playe6rs: parents & players names, uniform number, parents’ home and cell numbers, and all e-mails.  Confirm with parents that contact information can be shared amongst team parents.  Email contact info to parents on your team (of those who are willing to share their info).
  • Secure two volunteers for the Maya Getz Memorial Soccer Extreme Tournament. Each team must have two volunteers before league play can begin.
  • Make sure all families are comfortable with e-mail and/or text communication and will use it for last minute schedule changes. Note alternatives for families requesting calls or texts.
  • Communicate with your coach and make your plan for the season – training, tournaments, how you two would like to handle parent concerns, player injury assistance, etc.
  • Check and verify all players are showing up on your official roster (under Documents).  Any players not listed need to be reported to the Registrar immediately.
  • Spend some time familiarizing yourself with, but do NOT change any information.
  • Maintain a notarized TIPPCO Medical Release Form for each player.  These must be at each game & practice.  Make a copy for every coach and yourself. (Cindy Geswein is a notary & can assist you.)
  • Player Cards:
  • Registrar will contact you to give or return player cards and make arrangements for any new players to receive their cards.
  • Once you receive player cards, take a headshot photo of each player, manager, and coach. Adhere a 1”x1” headshot on the upper right front of the card and THEN contact the Registrar for her signature.  The card can then be laminated.
  • The ‘blue’ portion of the player card can also have a photo attached and be used as a club pass player card for league games only.
  • It’s handy to punch holes in the cards and keep them on a ring.  Discuss whether you or your coach will hold onto the cards.  DO NOT DISCARD EVER! Return them to the Registrar after each season.
  • Uniforms:
    • When new players are added, be certain they visit the Soccer Shack immediately to order.
    • Kyle of the Soccer Shack will call you to pick up uniforms when they are ready.



  • Early in week, e-mail opposing team’s manager to confirm next week’s game time/date and to ask for/give directions to fields.  Find out about any road closures and amenities available at fields.
  • Register for tournaments.  It is expected that each team will play in a minimum of one tournament per season.  Confirm that the tournament is an IYS sanctioned tournament.  The President and appropriate Director must grant prior approval before registering for a non-sanctioned tournament.
  • E-mail parents/ players a link to directions for soccer fields the week before each game.  Remind them what color jersey to wear (white –home, dark – away) but always bring both jerseys!
  • Contact Registrar to club pass players. This should occur (except in emergency) no later than the Wednesday prior to the weekend game on which you need the club pass.  Get player card from guest player’s manager before game and return immediately after.
  • Always carry all parents’ cell phone numbers with you so you can contact them for last minute cancellations or emergencies.
  • In the event a home game needs to be rescheduled during season (usually due to weather), contact the other manager to find a new date/time.  Then get approval from Field Assignor and Referee Assignor.  Once approved, submit ticket via GotSoccer.
  • Communicate information to your team as requested by TIPPCO.  Many times an email from your own team manager is given more attention than an ‘all-club’ email.
  • Each team will be assigned a date for trash duty at the complex. This schedule is on Google Docs.
  • Anyone ejected from games/receiving a card must be reported to your age group commissioner.
  • Contact VP & appropriate Director when a player is injured during a game and requires medical attention. All suspected head injuries require that parents be contacted immediately.



  • Bring 3 game cards to each game: one for opposing coach, one for referee, and one for your coach.
  • Bring player cards to every game. This is mandatory and players without cards are ineligible.
  • Take cards across field to referee for player check-in. Referees do NOT keep cards during game so wait until referee is finished and collect cards from referee. DO NOT leave the sideline w/o cards!
  • Pay referees before game begins. Referees must sign envelope-showing receipt of cash. (These envelopes are needed by the TIPPCO Treasurer for proper tax documentation.  Do not discard these envelopes.) If cash remains (due to a ref no- show), return envelope to Treasurer at end of season.
  • Help ensure that parents/guests on our sideline are respectful, positive, and display good sportsmanship.  Remind parents on our sideline about Code of Conduct, if necessary.  If you need help talking to a parent, ask your coach or the appropriate TIPPCO Director.  There are some very helpful resources that can be referenced through the Indiana Soccer website that assist with how to remain positive for our players:  Our teams, club, and community are judged by our actions—Let’s represent all involved in a positive light.  Our players are watching.



  • Call in game scores (contact information on game card) immediately after game.



  • Contact every player on your roster to determine intent for upcoming season.  Make no assumptions!
  • Return player cards to the Registrar.
  • Make sure your coach and players understands that they must attend tryouts.  Attendance is mandatory!
  • Check with coach for blackout dates and submit to the Registrar.

Important Contact Information for managers can be found on the Board page.